Sohool Stores Trading Co. Was founded in light of the increasing demand on high-quality products at reasonable prices, by all types of consumers. Since the first day of foundation we relied on our faith in God, then on the taste of our loyal customers who was able to touch the difference in our products made by the best factories in Turkey, Italy and Malaysia.

The plan was clear; to become the number one in the market and work towards achieving that. Our wide and quick spreading in all stores: supermarkets, malls and hardware stores in Amman and a number of other states was evidence enough of putting our plan into action. Furthermore, we try our best to be the fastest in delivery and maintaining our products' stock in all stores, through keep a close eye on the market and monitoring changes happening in all activity's indicators.  

And as a result, we promise our customers that we will always provide the best products in the market, products that are worthy of your trust, for this trust is the true capital of our company.

A Brief History

The company was founded in Amman, Jordan on the 10th Sept., 2009 to trade in cleaning tools, kitchen ware and other plastic products. The company got the first agency by a the company " Titiz " which is specialized in cleaning tools. In the year 2010, Sohool Stores was also able to get the agency of another top-quality trade mark " Aroni " specialized in kitchen ware.

And with our continuous wide spreading we were able to develop a good customer base and become competitive enough in the Jordanian market. And as a result, in the year 2015, we were able to add to our list " Bien " as a new trade mark of kitchen ware and home's accessories. And in the same year we added to our list " Karcam " as a new trade mark of kitchen glass ware.

As for the trade mark " MOR " which is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of hygienic paper, these products are manufacturing by our sister company ( Istanbul Hygienic Paper Co. LTD).

This hard work of years passed, has made us reach to here we are today; a leading company in the trading of diverse products of plastic ware.

Our Team

We believe that the human resources are the reason behind the success of any company, And this is why continuous hard work is always in-need of a well-qualified staff to adapt the company's philosophy. This is why we have always been very keen in choosing our team members, to present the best image for us.